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A complete list of all Bridge House DVD releases. With notes by Terence Murphy owner of Bridge House Records.

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Wasted Youth - Survivors cover

70 mins approx.

Includes a full gig from May 1981 plus Previously unreleased Bonus Tracks from April 1980, a rare studio based video of Jealousy from 1979 and a photo slideshow.

Paris France - If Tomorrow - My Friends are Dead - Maybe We'll Die With Them - Little Jack - Jealousy (dance version) - Wasted Youth - Survivors - Caveman - Clean & Discreet - That Little Girl - Die Baby Die - Subway Love - Jealousy - I'll Remember You

We decided to release this DVD because of the interest being shown in the recent sales of Wasted Youth CD's on the internet. There are four CD's available. Their first one, 'Wild and Wandering' has become a must have album and all these years later, it was reviewed in the August 2005 edition of Record Collector Magazine issue 313.

We had filmed the band during two of their gigs at the Bridge House in Canning Town E16. The extra unreleased track were filmed a year before the main live gig, We had originally recorded these to try and improve the bands performance on stage. This never really worked, they were a live gigging band who got there reaction from the audience, no amount of rehearsals could change this. The band learned their craft doing 200 gigs a year, you will notice the difference this made in the two filmed performances, they ooze confidence in the main live gig, missing in the film that was taken a year earlier.

When we found these films of the band, they had been laying dormant in my attic for 24 years. After opening the box i thought they were useless, being a bit careful and really wanting to see the band again after all these years, I made a call to a good friend from the bridge house days Jeff Ellis. Jeff had been in bands and was a keen photographer touring with Wasted Youth as their Friend. Jeff had also filmed the Jealousy single and created the covers for the first singles and album so what better advice could i get, at this time we had no idea where the jealousy film was.

So you can imagine my surprise and delight to find that Jeff was a computer and multimedia expert and had worked in tv and video. He had a look at the film and said he would give it his best shot, also saying there were creases in the tape that he could not be repair so the glitches in the film would have to stay. I agreed, saying like me the fans out there would love to see it. I could not wait, I picked up Darren, Wasted's bass player for him to have a look and to get his opionon. He said let Jeff work some miracles, and he has. Being so old it's not perfect, but it nearly is.

Bridge House reunion cover

The Bridge House Reunion
80 mins approx.

Includes live footage of RDB from the 2007 reunion gig with a rare performance from Chris Thompson. Plus rare archive footage from the last days of the Bridge and special footage of Bridge House single Jab 'n' Move by Repton Boxing Club, Wasted Youth and of course guest starring all the fans that made the place so special.

The film of the Bridge House book launch and reunion gig from the summer of 2007. The reunion gig features the first and last band to ever play the Bridge. Remus Down Boulevard, featuring Dave Edwards and Dennis Stratton plus a special guest performance by Chris Thompson who sings some of his biggest hits. The film also incorporates rare archive footage from the last days of the Bridge House and a special feature on the release of Jab & Move, a Bridge house single written by Terry's son Glen. Cut together to give a fly on the wall view of what made the Bridge special and put E16 on the rock 'n' roll map.

THE BRIDGE HOUSE DVD includes Remus Down Boulevard and Chris Thompson playing live, there is also extended footage of the book launch with the Bridge House loyals.

We also go right back to 1979 when Glen Murphy's Repton Boxing Club was filmed singing their single 'Jab n Move' that was released on Bridge House Records.

We move on to the final night of the Bridge that was filmed by Nationwide Televsion and shows interviews by Terence Murphy and Steve waller(with beard). Terry Junior can be seen serving behind the bar,there is also a shot of Linda and Glen,and Dave our old pot man. There are also some interviews with the customers giving there opinion of the pub.

There is a shot of the old Stage with the video jukebox on it. We then get to see the new stage with Wasted Youth performing Charlie and Harry, one of the favourite songs as is their first single Jealousy. This was taken from the Wasted Youth DVD 'Survivors' that is also for sale on the website.

So you get to see both stages that featured some of the greatest musicians on the planet.

Back to the gig, it was great to see all my family there, Brother John, Eillen dancing with all her grandchildren, good shots of my two sisters, Marie wearing the Terence Murphy T-shirt, baby sister Ann boogie on down. The couple who were dancing most of the night in front of the Camera,was Roger Diamond the drummer from Wedgewoods, Dave and Dennis' first band.

Great to see Steve Fisher, Gary Lammin, Roy Weard, Rocco Barker, Colin Barton etc. All Bridge House musos and loyals Mick O'Brian and Rob Fisher.

It is also great to see the shots from across the road from the Bridge with the single flyover as it used to be when we were there.

Rest in Peace Patty Coldwell the interviewer for the TV, she sadly died a few years after this recording of cancer. Those TV shots were filmed during the Day, thats why there are not many customers present.

Corrections. Maurice Hope was Light Middleweight Champion of the World not Light Heavyweight. Terry Marsh was the undefeated light welterweight world champion, the only undefeated boxer ever in the world at this weight. Tony Burns is the world renowned Boxing trainer at repton boxing club, he is seen in the gym with his glasses on.


Steve Marriott Blind Drunk cover

Blind Drunk
90 mins approx.

Live film of Steve Marriotts Blind Drunk from 1978. With special guests Joe Brown and Chas n Dave. Plus film of Steve Marriotts Packet of Three from 1985.

This DVD contains two rare and previously unreleased videos of Steve Marriott performing live. The first concert is from 1978 and shows Steve performing with Joe Brown's band as Blind Drunk at the Bridge House in Canning Town London. This gig was a chaotic affair and shows Steve enjoying himself along with guest stars Joe Brown and Chas n Dave. You are unlikely to find footage of these four together let alone singing a rendition of Chas n Dave's Massage Parlour. The second gig is from 1985 when Steve was touring as Packet of Three with Jim Leverton and Fallon Williams.

Although the picture quality is rough and has not withstood the passage of time as one would like, the audio quality is great and the concerts will be unmissable for all Marriott fans and followers. It has taken over 40 years to unearth and transfer this material and nurse it back to health, we hope it will give you as much pleasure in watching this as it has been for us creating it.

The thrill of this gig was seeing major recording stars having fun on stage. We can only imagine the stress and worry they go through when they are playing to thousands of fans who are listening to every note and word spoken. So to see these musicians on stage enjoying themselves, smoking, drinking and swearing, not caring about the mistakes they may make is a rare thing.

One day Steve Marriott walked into the Bridge House with Laurie O'Leary, who introduced Steve to me. I had known Laurie for many years and I was delighted when Stevie said, "Can you give us a gig, I'm just back from America and really fancy a blow." Laurie said that he was managing Steve now, so I said okay you can play next week, it will have to be a secret gig as we are only licensed for 500 customers.

I knew it was going to be a great night ,so I arranged for it to be filmed. I got a local man it who had assured me it was his special pastime, he suggested using video instead of film as this would be more practical. At this time there were no video cassettes so it was filmed on reel to reel video. Film would have cost thousands and lighting would have to be so bright it would have blinded everyone on stage. Of course we listened to him because we didn't know any better.

Stevie was one of the many stars to play at the Bridge and performed on both stages. The first gig from 1978 shows you him on the old stage. The gig from 1985 shows how he would have looked on the new one when he changed the bands name to Packet of Three. Steve toured America with this band and had some great gigs even though it was a low key tour. He was soon back in his beloved Britain, for all of us to enjoy his wonderful talent. His loyal friend Jim Liverton on bass guitar and vocals was always with him.

Love you Steve. R.I.P Regards Terry Murphy.

Tank Malling cover

Tank Malling
91 mins approx.

20th aniversary edition DVD. Starring Ray Winstone and Amanda Donohoe With Glen Murphy, Jason Connery, Craig Fairbrass, John Conteh, Terry Marsh, Peter Wyngarde, Nick Berry and Marsha Hunt. Produced by Glen Murphy and Jamie Foreman. Executive Producer Terence Murphy. Music by Rick Fenn & Nick Mason.

Reporter Tank Malling has uncovered a story of vice and corruption in the higher echelons of British Law and politics. Now, after being released from jail with a shattered career, he is determined to bring his story to the headlines.

A nightmare of vice and corruption stretching from the very heart of the police force up to the Cabinet. Tank (Ray Winstone) is an investigative reporter and jailbird, framed on scant evidence supplied by the London Mob. Helen (Amanda Donohoe) is the sensuous call girl who offers Tank ammunition and retribution. Malling battles to expose the corrupt figures behind the crusading facade of the Moral Revival Campaign. Armed with the vital information he needs, provided by Helen, Malling has 24 hours to secure the evidence which will finally expose the ring of murder, prostitution and blackmail around the Moral Revivalists. His enemies retaliation is swift and brutal in the guise of Sir Robert Knights (Peter wyndgarde) and his equally lethal lawyer, Dunboyne (Jason Connery) and killer Cashman (Glen Murphy). A series of hideous murders follow and only Mailling and Helen can halt the onslaught - but for how long and at what price?