The Bridge House E16

Gig List for 1977 Lunchtimes

Bridge House Diary 1977 lunch times

A brief list of bands that played lunch time gigs at the Bridge House during 1977.
This is not a complete list and many dates are missing.

  • 2th Jan Ugly (Phil)
  • 9th Jan The 6
  • 16th Jan Bluebird + Almanac
  • 23rd Jan Strobe
  • 30th Jan Clear Blue Sky from Acton
  • 6th Feb Stag + Exium (Tony)
  • 13th Feb A Band called Lips + Redtrack (Janet)
  • 20th Feb Earth Storm (James)
  • 27th Feb Rainstorm (Tony)
  • 6th March EASY
  • 13th March Random Hold
  • 27th March Urchin + Fruit Eating Bears (Gary)
  • 3rd April Bernie Torme (Pete Collins)
  • 10th April Fairseat (Barbra)
  • 17th April Elko from Nottingham + The Wheels (Doug)
  • 24th April Straight Six
  • 1st May EL 7 from Reading (Dave Humpries)
  • 8th May KSFX
  • 15th May Hooker (Terry)
  • 3rd July Rebel (Tony Danbury)
  • Final Drive Q
  • Free Flight (Peter Hudson)
  • Allagus from Leicester
  • Cafe Society (Colin Bell)